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The underlying motto of the eleventh task Common Space, Individual Space, carried out at Grzegorz Kowalski’s studio at Warsaw’s Academy of Fine Arts, was the “wardrobe”: “a piece of furniture (...) to store things that are taken out, used, hung or put aside, and then used again until they become partly or completely worn out. (...) The wardrobe as a metaphor of intimacy, possessing, hiding, concealing, storing, closing and opening...” (G. Kowalski). It provided the axis for the activities of the participating students and teachers.

As opposed to the previous years, there were no clear-cut “individual spaces” to depart from. The newly introduced requirement related to documenting and editing the resulting footage turned the camera into such “individual space”. This modification had a significant impact on the character of the task: by situating the majority of participants in observer positions, it decreased the role of improvisation, while shifting the focus to documentation.

Opis na podstawie: Obszar Wspólny, Obszar Własny/Common Space, Individual Space, ed. K. Sienkiewicz, Warszawa 2011.


Year: 2007
Duration: 9'26"
Language: Polish (english subtitles)
Source: BETA SP

© collection of Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw