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In 2009, Zuzanna Janin embarked on the production of the first artistic TV series, which currently comprises nine episodes (including the trailer by Tomasz Kozak). It is based on a cult tv production of the 70s, The Madness of Majka Skowron, where Janin herself acted as the protagonist.

Majka from the Movie is an intricate jigsaw: scenes from the TV series are intertwined with fragments of the most significant films in the history of cinematography of the last 40 years (since 1968), as well as contemporary shots where Majka (in this role Mel Baranowska, the artist’s daughter) travels the world, encountering the heroes and heroines of collective memory and popular culture.

Note courtesy lokal_30 gallery

Year: 2009
Duration: 15'41"
Language: Polish (english subtitles)

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