Filmoteka Muzeum

Zuzanna Janin (born 1963)

Sculptor, creator of installations and video installations, actions and performance art events. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Initially, she dealt with the subject of space (spatial installations), memory and time and space, understood as a place and set of conditions determining human existence. Controversy arose over her work "I saw my death" (2003), in which the artist faked and filmed her own funeral.She is the founder of a fictional art television station televiZJon_studio, where she interviews people involved in art. In 2005 she founded Lokal_30 gallery in Warsaw. In 2007, just before the selection of the winner in the competition for the architectural design of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, she prepared the project “Just before. The Ideal Museum”, 2007. Travelling all over Poland with her television project, she collected artists' statements about the ideal museum. This project, prepared for the Museum of Modern Art, was presented at the place where the museum will be built during the Long Night of Museums in 2007.

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