Exiting the Domestic Factory: A B O L I T I O N
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  • Exiting the Domestic Factory: A B O L I T I O N

The Vilnius based Ultimate Leisure Workers’ club calls for a hybrid convergence (online/offline) in Warsaw to engage with the concept of abolitionism as a strategy for exiting the domestic factory.

“The abolition of the family must be the positive creation of a society of generalized human care and queer love.”
- ME O’Brien, To Abolish the Family

As our homes have been centered and intensified in new ways under pandemic conditions as spaces of work, refuge, violence and leisure; abolitionism suggests a radical strategy for the reimagining of these worlds and their social institution, the family.

We see the convergence as a space to communally reflect on the home as a contested, intersectional, space for: reproductive labor, paid-domestic labor, artistic practice and leisure. We also enter the question of the domestic as an ambiguous zone of both refuge (as we are seeing with Polish and Lithuanians opening house to Ukrainian migrants) but also patriarchy, private property, exhaustion and isolation. Together we thus think the domestic as and beyond what autonomists have called “the social factory”, toward a horizon of its abolition, through artistic and social movements.

All the events in the frame of the convergence will take place in the premises of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw on Pańska 3 street. Online parts of the program will be also available via Zoom platform (links available next week).

Thursday August 25th
To Abolish the Domestic Factory?


Noah Brehmer: Introduction to Ultimate Leisure Workers’ Club and the Exiting the Domestic Factory convergence “Abolition”

(Online) Sophie Lewis (author of Abolish the Family: A Manifesto for Care and Liberation) will introduce the politics of abolitionism and its strategic importance within the current composition of the domestic factory.

(IRL) Nóra Urgon (Social Housing NOW! movement, Cenaclul X queer-fem literary circle, Acasă social centre, ELMO network coordinator, Cluj, Romania) on domestic housing fronts in Eastern Europe under pandemic conditions and lines of connection betwen them and queer abolitionist politics, mutual aid networks, and scifi imaginaries.

(Hybrid) Q&A with Sophie and Nora moderated by Noah Brehmer

(IRL) Olia Sosnovskaya (Work Hard! Play Hard! and Problem Collective artistic-research group, Vienna and Minsk) will do a lecture-performance ‘Incredibly relaxing meditation music’ addressing the concept of exhaustion (of bodies, resources and political movements).

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