Meeting with André Rouillé
After the End of Photojournalism. What\'s next?

  • Meeting with André Rouillé
    André Rouillé

The Open Museum Series “After the end of the photo story. What’s next?” Meeting with André Rouillé

25 November (Friday), at 18.00
lead: Krzysztof Pijarski

The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw invites you to the second meeting of the series “After the end of the photo story. What’s next?”. A guest of the meeting will be André Rouillé.

André Rouillé is known in Poland mainly as the author of the book “A Photography. Between Document and Contemporary Art” [La Photographie: Entre Document et Art Contemporain] (2007), one of the more important theoretical publications of the recent years devoted to modern photography. In the publication he touches on the issue of the crisis of photography that is understood as a document and reflects upon the problem of photography as art as well as art as photography. His lecture in Warsaw, devoted to the fate of photostories and french debates on the subjet, will be a continuation of these contemplations.
André Rouillé is a lecturer at the Department of Art, Aesthetics and Philosophy at the Paris VIII University, and has a website,, adherent to Paris’ artistic culture.

Meeting is organized in cooperation with the Szczecin Academy of Art and the French Institute in Warsaw.

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