Description by Filmoteka Muzeum

Wiktoria Cukt's Presidential Campaign, 1999-2000.

Wiktoria Cukt, CUKT’s virtual presidential candidate, was the culmination of the group's projects that used rave parties. The artists created a candidate who was a computer program, so-called Citizen Election Software (OSW, Obywatelski Software Wyborczy). Wiktoria Cukt represented the views of everyone who decided to choose her as a representative of their views. She demonstrated a faith in direct, participatory democracy without unnecessary, harmful middlemen, which CUKT considered politicians to be. Wiktoria Cukt's campaign slogan was: “Politicians are useless”. Each time a campaign office for Wiktoria Cukt was opened, there was a rave party. The parties were an occasion to round up Wiktoria's policies – what people wanted her to say. CUKT members also gathered signatures for her official candidacy and membership declarations for the Wiktoria Cukt political party.