• Teresa Żarnowerówna, The Defense of Warsaw. Polish people in defense of the capital (September 1939), 1942

The book entitled Obrona Warszawy was illustrated by avant-garde female photographer, Teresa Żarnower. Picture of Warsaw defense against Nazis in 1939 is on the book’s cover. Three photomontages by Żarnowerówna were placed inside of the book.

Teresa Żarnower belonged to constructivist avant-garde; she was co-editor of the left-wing Dźwignia. She created sculpture, architectural design, and graphics. She connected political involvement with achievements of her avant-garde art in her posters, print designs and, photomontages. In 1937, she emigrated from Poland, and in USA at the end of her life, she created a cycle of photomontages dedicated to occupied Warsaw.

Year: 1942
Medium: book
Format: 15×22 cm

Acquisition: gift
Ownership form: collection
Source: Michalski Jan
Index: MSN: 4300-25/2011
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