• Stanisław Zamecznik, Stanisław Zamecznik Archive, 1948

Archive of the architect Stanisław Zamecznik (1909-1971) that is deposited in Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw by the Zamecznik family is the only archive solely dedicated to the art of display in Poland. The archive contains 464 drawings of display designs (carbon paper, paper, and mixed techniques), 413 photographs on paper, 380 photo negatives, 142 contact sheets, 19 color slides. The archive also contains publications designed by Stanislaw Zamecznik, as well as works made between 1948 and 1971. The deposit was made in 2010 by Stanisław Zamecznik’s son –Piotr Zamecznik, continuator of the family tradition of exhibtion design. In the same year, during preparations for the Space Between Us exhibition, the archive underwent its first conservatory work, supervised of dr Marzenna Ciechańska from the Conservation Department of the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw. The exhibition realized within the Cultural Exchange Fund was the first extensive presentation of Zamecznik’s work for 40 years.

Year: 1948
Medium: drawings, models, photographs, negatives, contact prints, slides
Format: various

Acquisition: deposit
Ownership form: deposit
Source: Piotr Zamecznik
Index: MSN: 413-1/2010
Acquisition date: