• Ahlam  Shibli, #34, from the series Dom Dziecka. The House Starves When You Are Away, 2009

The photographic series Dom dziecka (The House Starves When You Are Away) was created during the artist’s trip to Poland and her visits to eleven orphanages around the country. Shibli focused on portraying the living conditions of children deprived of homes. She observed that they were rarely left alone and, when adapting to the rules, created a peculiar social organism. The lack of typical family relations made the children emotionally dependent on each other, and created strong ties. The artist has concentrated on individuals, their customs, and how they organise private space (e.g. using wall decorations). She has also portrayed children in their sleep, the rare moments of solitude. As was the case in Shibli’s previous photography projects, here too there is no feeling of sensation or emotional exaggeration.

Year: 2009
Medium: color photograph
Format: 77×60 cm

Acquisition: purchase
Ownership form: collection
Source: Ahlam Shibi
Index: MSN: 4300-10-3/2012
Acquisition date:

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