• , Activities with Dobromierz, 1972

Directly after the birth of their son Dobromierz, Zofia Kulik and Przemysław Kwiek started “using their own child for their own art”. Activities with Dobromierz were the artists’ first attempts to find consistency between mathematical/logical operations and visual activities. In these works, KwieKulik tried to apply the knowledge gained at seminars they were attending at the time. They felt that sculptors (like themselves) could perform almost the same operations as mathematicians and logicians by using various forms of visual, then recorded images (transparencies). Activities with Dobromierz were an attempt to compare mathematical/logical operations with concepts and immaterial entities – “operations on material forms in specific life situations”. Even today, the Activities with Dobromierz are still the most radical example of Polish avant-garde artists combining art with everyday life, and linking conceptual art and existentialist themes.

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Year: 1972-1974/2008
Medium: slideshow
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