• Zhanna Kadyrova , Asphalt, 2011

    "In the near future" fot. B.Stawiarski
  • Zhanna Kadyrova , Asphalt, 2011

    "In the heart of the country" fot. B. Stawiarski

A characteristic feature of Zhanna Kadyrova’s work is her use of materials gathered from everyday life. In the artist’s hands, bathroom tiles become the raw material to create ironic, pop-art forms: e.g. a huge packet of L&M cigarettes, a crate of tiled tangerines, or bricks transformed into a giant apple with a bite out of it, standing on the lawn in front of a library building.

The spherical sculpture Asphalt in the Museum collection is the result of her experiments with another completely banal, non-artistic material. At first, Kadyrova “forced” asphalt to appear as pictures (by cutting fragments out of a real asphalted road and hanging them on a snow-white gallery wall), then she used it as the material for an unusual monument. On the one hand, the ball of asphalt stands out from its background as a sculpture, but on the other—due to its construction material—it also blends in perfectly. In 2011, the artist received a special prize for this work from the Pinchuk Art Centre in Kyiv.

Year: 2011
Medium: own technique
Format: 150×150×150 cm

Acquisition: purchase
Ownership form: collection
Source: Zhanna Kadyrova
Index: MSN: 4300-30/2013
Acquisition date:
Financing source: Purchased with the support of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

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