• Zuzanna Janin, Just Before. The Ideal Museum, 2007

Just before the selection of the winner in the competition for the design of the building of the of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Zuzanna Janin travelled around Poland with her studio_telewiZyJne project, inviting contemporary artists to speak about the “ideal museum”. The pseudo-documentary portrayed the artistic community by presenting the opinions of their members in the discussion which ensued at the time when the designs for the museum were in progress. As she recorded the artists speaking about their ideas, Janin filmed their studios. In this way the portrait of each artist was supplemented by the space in which they created their art. The question about the “ideal museum”, although it is a question about the impossible, becomes a topical and important question in the context of the creation of a new museum. The formulation of ideas, demands and visions of an ideal museum has now become particularly important and may indicate the fields of artists’ cooperation with architects and curators in the process of implementing the planned museum.

Year: 2007
Medium: DVD
Format: 28'36'' cm

Acquisition: purchase
Ownership form: collection
Index: MSN: 4300-1/2007
Acquisition date:
Financing source: Purchased with the support of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

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