• Edi Hila, In the boulevard 6, 2015

There are two Edi Hila’s paintings form the “Boulevards” 2015 series in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. They depict Tirana’s best-known avenue, once called the Avenue of the Martyrs of the Nation, now renamed Mother Theresa’s Avenue. This street was designed in the classical modernism style by the Italian architect Gherardo Bosio and built in the 1930s. The communist dictatorship destroyed this integral urban arrangement through various inclusions, mostly monuments. The years of transformation brought further chaotic changes, such as billboards. Economical, rigorously minimalistic paintings, apart from comments on changes taking place in the urban landscape so dear to the artist, have the value of existential reflection on the transience of ideal assumptions and perfectly designed cities. 

Ed.: unikat
Year: 2015
Medium: oil on canvas
Format: 119×148,5 cm

Ownership form: collection
Index: MSN: 4300-12/2017
Acquisition date:

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