• Oskar Dawicki, Budget Story, 2007

Oskar Dawicki is one of the few Polish artists to deal in their practice with art market critique. Budget Story is a conceptual film, whose length comes as a direct result of how much the budget allocated by a cultural institution could afford. Each frame of the film has an established a financial value. Counters in the corners of the screen show the funds shrink in the course of time. The final scene features a famous Polish actor Jan Nowicki, who only has time to say: „We’ll soon run out of money!" In Budget Story, as well as in other works (Home Shopping, 10.000 PLN), Dawicki makes an attempt at a rather drastic translation of the language of art into that of economics, with the view of proving that the debate on art usually is just a cover-up for capital operations.

Year: 2007
Medium: video, DVD
Format: 9'26'' cm

Acquisition: purchase
Ownership form: collection
Source: Stowarzyszenie Integracji Kultury
Index: MSN: 4300-4/2009
Acquisition date:
Financing source: Purchased with the support of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

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