Filmoteka Muzeum

Transformation is a play on the structure of the image. With the application of a simple technique in the scope of the visual layers, Zgraja attempts to achieve somewhat of a tautology of images, i.e. equaling the abstract and the figurative.

Beginning with the simplest form – black square, the author complicates the video images by means of the gradual rule of structuring and the accompanying progressive musical composition. The subsequent phases feature the image as raster, reproduction, photograph of a female face, until it finally appears as a direct record of the already mentioned female face.

The process of transformation, which runs here according to the principle of “receding” or extending the distance towards the constitutive elements of the structure, is largely subordinated to the musical dynamics, which gives it an extra experimental-abstract character.

The departure from details to vision also encourages the viewer to think about the way the image is generated, about the structure and the constitutive elements of the visible. Here, assisted by transformation, visual machinery goes out to the viewer – it explains itself and represents itself. References: (tes),Malowane kamerą “Dziennik zachodni”, Katowice, 14.04.1993; J. Thomas, G. Zgraja, Videoobrazy, transl. S. Zgraja, Galeria Kronika, Art Centre in Bytom, cat. nr 8/93, Bytom 1993.


Year: 1978
Duration: 3'49"
Language: no language
Source: VHS

© Grzegorz G. Zgraja

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