Filmoteka Muzeum

Marcelo Zammenhoff’s experimental music video for the post-industrial band MORRIS GENERATIV from Ciechocinek.

Fractals is the outcome of the artist’s early independent experiments with video, when he discovered the potential of the feedback loop of analogue image converters. This effect used in various ways builds the film’s visual layer, along with subliminal images of vaginas, which are meant to disturb viewers’ perceptual stability and generate a hypnotic effect.

The piece can be seen to result from Zammenhoff’s fascination with esotericism, hypnosis, psychotronics and psycho-manipulation. He underlines that it is also a product of “all-night narcotic audiovisual experiments” when he lived at the squat at 210 Kilińskiego Street in Łódź.


Year: 1992
Duration: 10'48"
Language: English
Source: VHS

© Marcelo Zammenhoff