Filmoteka Muzeum

Performance set in one of the rooms of the former theatre studio in Lublin, already defunct at the time. It was a small backstage basement. The action was carried out in the presence of an audience, who needed to stay close to the performer due to the meagre size of the room.

In-Between manifests Tatarczuk’s fascination with classic performance art – represented by such artists as Marina Abramović and Ulay as well as Zbigniew Warpechowski – in which putting physical endurance to test often plays a major role.

The mirrors used by the artist are initially set tightly face to face. Yet, they still produce reflections invisible on the outside, thus generating an undisrupted image of pure infinity – the vision of the highest gnostic level of world’s existence.

Situating himself between the mirrors, the performer disturbs this ideal configuration. His action demonstrates that the human being is incapable of preserving it, while his presence leads to destruction.

video: Roman Pukar

text on the basis of an interview with Waldemar Tatarczuk, February 2018


Year: 1990
Duration: 2'15"
Language: no language
Source: VHS

© Waldemar Tatarczuk