Filmoteka Muzeum

During World War II, Sweden (a neutral state) supplied the Third Reich with metal ore, receiving Jewish gold in return. The ore was used mainly to produce steel for the needs of the arms industry. During an artistic workshop organised by Surowiec, Swedish children were given three and a half kilograms of German firearms and clay. Their task was to create sculptures of things with positive connotations.

The video provides a documentation of workshops devoted to transforming material remnants of shameful history into innocent objects. Portraying the situation in tight camera shots, Surowiec concentrates exclusively on the movements and work of the children’s hands. The project may be understood as a particular attempt to re-write history, to build a positive history on the material remnants of a tragedy.


Year: 2012
Duration: 8'21"
Language: no language

© Łukasz Surowiec

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