Filmoteka Muzeum

Everything begins when the artist’s hand turns off the light. He becomes a night-time hunter of visual experiences and ventures into the city as a voyeur to observe the interiors of anonymous people from the dark.

Five Short Episodes is a video project that comprises five parts. The first is an innocent mute record that shows the dwellers of a tenement house. As the artist’s voyeuristic tendencies grow stronger, the subsequent parts of the film reveal an increasingly disturbing character. The work compels questions about the reasons why Surowiec records the life of those individuals, and if he is allowed to do it at all.

The artist argues that this is the sort of images we encounter every night at our own apartments. Yet, Surowiec’s approach is morally dubious. The artist makes the viewer complicit in voyeurism. As he writes: “Five Short Episodes gives you a chance to take a journey that you would otherwise never choose to take.”


Year: 2010
Duration: 24'58"
Language: no language

© Łukasz Surowiec

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