Filmoteka Muzeum

Anna Płotnicka’s performance-for-camera titled Unfinished Installation is an attempt to examine the intimate relation between humans and personal objects. It focuses on the link between things and sentimental memories as well as their role in shaping our biographies.

The artist uses things that originate from different realms – from family keepsakes to objects of everyday use – in order to create a complete catalogue of knick-knackery that surrounds us throughout our entire lives. The performance features her mother’s wedding brooch, shells (souvenir brought by her father from a journey to Cuba), glasses, scissors, microscope lenses, sugar bowl from a housewarming party, amongst other objects.

Subsequent objects gradually cover the surface of a transparent glass pane whilst the artist observes them from underneath. The successive multiplication of things that eventually tightly fill the frame serves to represent the dynamics of the accumulation of countless trinkets in our lives. An important aspect of Unfinished Installation is the use of the collage technique in order to arrange random objects in a composition structured by personal associations, and therefore open-ended and non-finite. The artist’s montage deprives them of their personal context, thus restoring their autonomy and lending them a new lease of life.

camera: Piotr Sędzikowski, production: WRO


Year: 1997
Duration: 9'47"
Language: no sound

© Anna Płotnicka