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There and here forms part of Andrzej Pawłowski’s light spectacle Cinéforms. What is unique here are the images of the human body: hands and face. The improvised screenings of Cinéforms sometimes revealed the hands of the artist, hidden behind the screen, turning the knobs of his purpose-built projector. In There and Here, the hands are shown in refined and expressive gestures, while the faces are covered with blood dribbles. This “superfluous attempt to vest the film with a more profound message, implying that it depicts somewhat of a cosmic apocalypse“ (M. Giżycki) does not deprive it of its charm, so characteristic of Cinéforms.

References: Andrzej Pawłowski 1925-1986, kat. wyst., BWA Lublin, 1998; M. Giżycki, Kino osobne Andrzeja Pawłowskiego, “Kwartalnik filmowy” 2003, vol. 43.


Year: 1957
Duration: 6'22''
Language: no language
Source: 35 mm

© Marek Pawłowski

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