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The action Happening on a Sunday held in June 1971 in Elbląg. Driven by the motto “Down with grimness!” and “Today everyone with a sense of humour is an artist!”, the activities in the urban space featured Gerard Kwiatkowski, Anastazy Wiśniewski, Leszek Przyjemski, Ryszard Tomczyk (all from Elbląg) and Krzysztof Zarębski, Marek Konieczny (from Warsaw), and were also aimed at involving the passers-by and observing their reactions.

References: “Głos Elbląga", 1971, vol. 147 (23rd June).


Year: 1971
Duration: 5'00"
Language: no sound
Place: Elbląg
Source: 16 mm

© Muzeum Archeologiczno-Historyczne w Elblągu

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