Filmoteka Muzeum

The short film Fluidations, features the analog visualisation of the music that emerges from liquid. The work of the brothers Marcin and Tomasz Ebert references the Liquid Light Show of the 1960s in the creation of their own unique aesthetic and novel projection techniques. During live shows the artists strive for a visual beauty that emerges from the intersection of liquid and light. The artists use various substances for their chemical and physical characteristics, experimenting with the limitations of the analogue medium in an attempt to generate unique animations. One such effect created by the brothers is the translation of the sound of music to water: an effect that converts sound waves literally, producing undulations across the surface of a body of water. The Fluidations project has been extensively toured across Poland and across parts of Europe.

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Year: 2012
Duration: 5'04"
Language: no language

© Marcin and Tomasz Ebert