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PKF 42B/66


Reportage devoted to the audiovisual installation with performative elements created upon the initiative of the composer Zygmunt Krauze and artists Henryk Morel, Cezary Szubartowski and Grzegorz Kowalski at the Foksal Gallery in Warsaw in 1966.

David Crowley describes the installation: “After entering into the gallery through a narrow slit and along a bright canvas ‘sleeve’, the public – in groups of ten – found themselves in the darkened and indefinite space of the gallery. Below their feet, the floor was lined with a bed of broken glass under sheet metal whilst the space itself was filled with metal objects gathered from a scrap-yard including massive springs, bent panels and broken barrels. The final space before the exit was filled with nets ‘trapping’ the visitor.”

Throughout five consecutive September evenings (hence the title 5x) the space of the installation witnessed happenings called audiovisual seances. The first was a performance of La Monte Young’s composition by avant-garde musicians Cornelius Carde, David Bedford and John Tilbury, who visited Warsaw for the festival Warsaw Autumn. Yet, the key role in the activities pursued in the installation space was played by the visitors, who at the same time became co-creators of the work as they used objects to produce sound within their spontaneous interactions with the elements of the installation.

David Crowley, “Sounding the Body Electric,” in: Sounding the Body Electric. Experiments in Art and Music in Eastern Europe 1957–1984, ed. by David Crowley, Daniel Muzyczuk (Łódź: Muzeum Sztuki, 2012), p. 61.

PKF 42B/66

Komentarz: Jerzy Kasprzycki
Lektor: Krzysztof Świętochowski
Zdjęcia: Elżbieta Zawistowska
Opracowanie dźwiękowe: Ryszard Sulewski
Montaż: Jadwiga Zajiček
Numer tematu: 6
Osoba: Zygmunt Krauze (kompozytor), Henryk Morel (rzeźbiarz), Cezary Szubartowski (performer, rzeźbiarz), Grzegorz Kowalski (performer, rzeźbiarz), La Monte Young (kompozytor), Cornelius Cardew (muzyk), David Bedford (muzyk), John Tilbury (muzyk)
Czas akcji: 1966
Miejsce akcji: Galeria Foksal, Warszawa
Produkcja: Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych (Warszawa)
Prawa: WFDiF
Format dźwięku: mono
Format klatki: 4:3
System koloru: czarno-biały

Year: 1966
Duration: 1'40"
Language: Polish

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