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Grand Conversation, presented here in photographs, is a major result of Gutt and Raniszewski’s experiments with communication alternative to the instilled and socially sanctioned forms. The artist pursued it from 1972 until Raniszewski’s death in 2005. It consisted in a series of alternate activities, initially featuring painting-based interventions on the partner’s body. In the course of time, their dialogue developed, and welcomed such means of expression as e.g. spatial figures, at first complex and colourful, while later radically simplified to the form of cube.

References: Dzikość dziecka. Kreacje dziecięce – Malowanie ciała 1972-2008, exhibition catalogue, Królikarnia, Department of the National Museum in Warsaw, 2008; Ł. Ronduda, Polish Art of the 70s. Avant-garde, Warsaw 2009.


Year: 1976
Duration: 1'33''
Language: no sound
Source: HD video

© Wiktor Gutt

Acquisition date: Aug 19, 2011
Acquisition: deposit
Ownership form: deposit