Filmoteka Muzeum

Wiktor Gutt’s record of one of the activities from the cycle of “child’s initiations”, which he organised with Waldemar Raniszewski since 1971. The intimate surrounding of the artist’s home provides the scenery for a “visual dialogue” between his wife and son, where meanings are conveyed not by words, but facial expressions, touch, and visual signs.

Participants: Łukasz Gutt (three years old), Barbara Turkiewicz-Gutt

References: Dzikość dziecka. Kreacje dziecięce – Malowanie ciała 1972-2008, exhibition catalogue, Królikarnia, Department of the National Museum in Warsaw, 2008.


Year: 1983
Duration: 3'45"
Language: no language
Source: 16 mm

© Wiktor Gutt

Acquisition date: Aug 19, 2011
Acquisition: deposit
Ownership form: deposit