Filmoteka Muzeum

The film consists of home video footage of an unknown family found in a VHS camera bought online. It is a record of a boy’s first birthday in a family circle. The child takes part in the birthday rituals: cutting the hair, blowing the candles, fortune telling.

The footage underwent manipulation that bears kinship to the approach to the work Album from 2005. The intervention consists in modifying the order of specific episodes and adding time-lapse animation that essentially erases fragments of the video. As a result, the original material begins to function in an entirely different context, and the activities of the protagonists and individual scenes acquire new meanings.


Krzysztof Penderecki
Threnody of the Victims of Hiroshima

Kevin MacLeod
Atlantean Twilight


Year: 2009
Duration: 11'29"
Language: Polish (english subtitles)

© Aneta Grzeszykowska, Jan Smaga

Acquisition: deposit
Ownership form: deposit