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PKF 14B/72


The episode of the Polish Film Chronicle is devoted to two selected artistic events in Elbląg and the surrounding area in 1972. They were organised by the EL Gallery in Elbląg, a contemporary art centre established in 1961 by Gerard Kwiatkowski (1930–2015). For the needs of his art venue Kwiatkowski acquired from the municipal authorities the ruined building of the Church of the Holy Virgin Mary, which he restored after damage suffered during World War II.

The EL Gallery played a key role in the development and propagation of contemporary art in Elbląg. It also became a major art centre in Poland. The gallery’s major undertaking was the Biennial of Spatial Forms in Elbląg – a cyclical artistic event held between 1965 and 1973. The subsequent editions bore the fruit of several dozen abstract metal sculptures in the urban space. The Biennial was organised in collaboration with Karol Świerczewski Mechanical Works “Zamech.”

The 1971 Biennial was titled The Dreamers’ Congress. That edition focussed primarily on the presentation of projects that escaped traditional artistic classifications, such as performative actions, lectures and presentations of artistic documentation.

Although the episode of the Chronicle mentions The Dreamers’ Congress, the presented events took place in 1972 and did not form part of the Biennial. The first is an outdoor action carried out in the vicinity of the city by the members of the group Trupa A-Z. The second part of the reportage covers a performative action by the artist Paweł Freisler, titled Activities: Table, Chair, carried out in Elbląg on the 6th of February 1972 within the 4th Elbląg Plein Air.

Reference: Notatnik Robotnika Sztuki, vol 1., Elbląg 1972, no pag.

PKF 14B/72

Komentarz: Jerzy Kasprzycki
Lektor: Czesław Seniuch
Zdjęcia: Ryszard Golc
Opracowanie dźwiękowe: Krystyna Tunicka-Palluth
Montaż: Jadwiga Zajiček
Numer tematu: 6
Osoba: Paweł Freisler (artysta)
Zdarzenie: IV Plener Elbląski
Czas akcji: 1972-02-06
Miejsce akcji: Elbląg
Prawa: WFDiF
Format dźwięku: mono
Format klatki: 4:3
System koloru: czarno-biały

Year: 1972
Duration: 1'50"
Language: Polish

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