Filmoteka Muzeum

The audience observes on the TV screen a coffee machine located in the next room. Dawicki brings some coffee, puts the TV on his back and makes clumsy attempts at adding sugar to the beverage. He’s holding a camera in his hand, while the TV shows the image of the audience. It was not the first time Dawicki had used these devices to introduce spatial complications to the structure of his performance, departing from the traditional concept of space (e.g. in May 1996, Dawicki used a chocolate-stained TV transmitting the image of the sky above Cracow). What’s more, by filming the audience and situating its image at the heart of the performance, Dawicki tries to question the traditional relation “artist – viewer”.

Year: 1998
Duration: 8'29''
Language: no language
Place: Entropia Gallery, Wrocław
Source: VHS

© Oskar Dawicki, courtesy Raster