Filmoteka Muzeum

Dawicki crosses the tribunes of the stadium OKS STOMIL in Olsztyn, Poland, sitting for a moment on every chair, i.e. on a total of 30 000 seats in four hours. What strikes in the context of the artist’s later reflection on the idea of performance in front of audience is the distortion of the paradigm “artist – viewer”. Dawicki seems to act as an attentive viewer, not as an artist, trying to find the best place to see the show. This understanding locates at the centre of attention the football pitch, which in turn remains empty. As Dawicki proved in the years to follow, absence can become a very powerful strategy. Dawicki takes the following seats, chewing gum and holding a wooden stool in his hands. He concludes his action taking out a box from inside the stool, getting rid of his gum, and sitting down on the stool saying: “Boundlessness of restraints”.

References: Ten Years of Painting. Oskar Dawicki, exhibition catalogue, Bunkier Sztuki, Cracow 2005.


Year: 1997
Duration: 4'41''
Language: no language
Place: Olsztyn, Poland
Source: VHS

© Oskar Dawicki, courtesy Raster

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