Filmoteka Muzeum

Tree of Knowledge attempts to zoom in, with the artist’s micro-lens, on the primordial moments of human ethics and the foundation of knowledge. The artist re-enacts the scene from the Bible, where Adam and Eve consume the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, thus committing a sin and consequently being denied access to the Tree of Life. Here, the fruit is half-consumed; the judgment is suspended and, one might suppose, hope for a new history is reborn. Dawicki’s masquerade is grotesque and steeped in irony. Stripping away pathos with the magic of a sorcerer, he narrates an epic of desire in an age at the end of innocence.

Quoted from: VideoZone – 4. The 4th International Video Art Biennial in Israel, exhibition catalogue, Center for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv 2008.

Year: 2008
Duration: 4'33''
Language: no language
Source: BETA SP

© Oskar Dawicki, courtesy Raster

Acquisition date: Aug 22, 2011
Acquisition: deposit
Ownership form: deposit