Filmoteka Muzeum

Dawicki is one of the few Polish artists to deal in their practice with art market critique. Budget Story is a conceptual film, whose length comes as a direct result of how much the budget allocated by a cultural institution could afford. Each frame of the film has an established financial value. Counters in the corners of the screen show the funds shrink in the course of time. The final scene features a famous Polish actor Jan Nowicki, who only has time to say: “We’ll soon run out of money!”. In Budget Story, as well as in other works (Home Shopping, 10.000 PLN), Dawicki makes an attempt at a rather drastic translation of the language of art into that of economics, with the view of proving that the debate on art usually is just a cover-up for capital operations.

Year: 2007
Duration: 9'26''
Language: no data
Source: DigiBeta

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