Filmoteka Muzeum

Mirror features dancer and choreographer Gilles Guillain. The body of the dancing man provided basis for an ephemeral sculptural composition. Simple sequences of dance reference basic figures of interpersonal communication – greetings or introducing oneself.

They deal with the sphere of discovering and observing oneself in the other as if in a mirror. Mirror – the underlying theme of Budny’s exhibition at Vienna’s Galerie Nächst St. Stephan – enables one to look at themselves, extend the field of vision, but also forces them to confront a specific situation – here, that of another person standing right in front of them.

Restrained movements of the dancer were close to the minimalist poetics of Budny’s works, which often rely on modest, undurable materials (cardboard, transparent foil or sticky tapes), featuring intuitive and ephemeral forms.

References: materials of Galerie Nächst St. Stephan; Michał Budny, K. Bondar, Ł. Gorczyca, M. Kaczyński (eds.), exhibition catalogue, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw 2009.


Year: 2009
Duration: 1'32"
Language: no sound
Source: HD video

© Michał Budny, courtesy Raster Gallery and Galerie Nächst St. Stephan

Acquisition date: Jun 1, 2012
Acquisition: deposit
Ownership form: deposit