Filmoteka Muzeum

Performance by Jerzy Bereś at the BWA Gallery in Lublin, in which the artist used a sculpture of his own making, The Roller of Judgement. The work engages with the topic of contemporary art and poses the question about the possibility of judging contemporary art works.

Jadwiga Rożek-Sieraczyńska describes the artist's performance: “The Roller of Judgement functioned as a kind of moving vehicle, a quasi-wheelbarrow made of a rolling tree trunk fixed to a long drawbar. The title of the sculpture was painted on a piece of canvas attached to the vehicle akin to a banner. The words written on both sides on the floor read: 'masterpiece' and 'trash.' During the performance, the artist created an inscription on his own body which referred to those two words: 'Either, or.' As if to confirm the previously articulated necessity of judgement, when the action came to an end Bereś addressed the viewers directly to solicit their opinions about what they had just seen.”

Quoted from: Jadwiga Rożek-Sieraczyńska, Jerzy Bereś – Rycerz wiary, “Didaskalia”, no. 92/93, 2009.

Year: 1994
Duration: 19'44"
Language: Polish
Source: VHS

© Galeria Labirynt, Jerzy Hanusek