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PKF 16B/68

Jerzy Bereś, Prophecy II

The manifestation Prophecy II took place on the 1st of March 1968 at the Krzysztofory Gallery. It was Jerzy Bereś' second performance under the same title, since the first one (Prophecy I) had been hosted two months earlier (January 6) at the Foksal Gallery. The artist saw both manifestations as a programme statement. He considered the connection with the audience as the most important, while distancing himself from happenings. His works were censored much more often than those of other artists due to the use of national and political symbols.

“On March 1, 1968, an authentic country cart loaded heavily with fire-wood was placed in the Krzysztofory Gallery. In the evening, dressed in white and red linen, I suggested lighting several fires along the gallery walls to the audience, which was done by means of newspapers and small pieces of wood. While the fires were burning, I stood in the middle of the gallery and asked the people to unload the cart and put the logs under my feet. The logs were arranged in such a way that by standing on them I found myself at the top of a high stake. At the same time, a man's voice could be heard reading non-stop the manifesto titled Creative Act I. Standing on the top of the stake I asked the people to paint the emptied cart with blue paint prepared for the purpose – which was done with brushes or even hands. Meanwhile, I mounted a great symbolic bow with a bow-string of red and white and the inscription: 'Prediction II' – on the top of the stack. After fixing my body – myself into the work, on the stake, when the cart was already blue, I asked for a burning chip from the smouldering fires, and, blowing out the flame, I signed the monument with the charred end. The stake, the blue cart, and the manifesto hung on the wall, together with the photographs added on the next day, constituted the exhibition titled Traces of Event”. (Jerzy Bereś, Zwidy, Wyrocznie, Ołtarze, Kraków 1991.)

Quoted from: Jerzy Bereś, Manifestation Prophecy II, 1968, note from the Archive of Eustachy Kossakowski, www.

PKF 16B/68

Komentarz: Jerzy Kasprzycki
Lektor: Włodzimierz Kmicik
Zdjęcia: Henryk Makarewicz
Opracowanie dźwiękowe: Henryk Kuźniak
Montaż: Jadwiga Zajiček
Numer tematu: 8
Osoba: Jerzy Bereś (rzeźbiarz, performer), Tadeusz Kantor (malarz, grafik, reżyser, scenograf)
Obiekt: Galeria Krzysztofory
Zdarzenie: Manifestacja „Przepowiednia II”
Czas akcji: 1968-03-01
Miejsce akcji: Kraków
Produkcja: Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych (Warszawa)
Prawa: WFDiF
Format dźwięku: mono
Format klatki: 4:3
System koloru: czarno-biały

Year: 1968
Duration: 1'08"
Language: English

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