Filmoteka Muzeum

Footage of Janusz Bałdyga's performance Attention: Border, which took place on the 7th of October 1989 at the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko.

The artist described his performance:
ATTENTION: BORDER (record of actions):

1. I enter my smallest territory and delineate the shape of my body with a colour liquid, thus creating an outline of my borders.
2. I set up a border pole, and the territory I'm leaving stays behind me.
The pole is created of wooden blocks, and becomes more and more volatile, unstable, fragile proportionately to its size... When it is moved, it must inevitably collapse.
3. Facing a sequence of failed attempts, I resolve to make a gesture that is important for me.
I push the pole upwards as high as possible. Only a few blocks fall down.
4. The next pole extends the direction of my body, it repeats my movement, my position, my temperature, my fatigue... It marks the border of the mobile, the active.
I'm building it on the border of my physical limits. The pole bears testimony to the aspirations of the one who balances near the border.

Year: 1989
Duration: 15'14"
Language: no language
Source: VHS

© Janusz Bałdyga