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In June 1977, Akademia Ruchu took part in the Łódź Theatre Meetings [Łódzkie Spotkania Teatralne] and chose to perform in the urban space, outside the official festival agenda. The 16-hour event in the centre of Łódź, held under the common title City Theatre, included 19 shows and performances prepared by the associates and friends of Akademia Ruchu, and by actors from new Warsaw theatres. The performances adopted the form of brief anonymous interventions in the urban space such as wiping bus and tram windows much to the surprise of the passengers, manifestly throwing away newspapers after skimming through the front page, forming artificial queues leading nowhere opposite real queues to the meat shop. These performances were addressed many years to follow at a joint event by Akademia Ruchu and Komuna Otwock (City Surfing – Teatr Miejski, Warsaw, 1999).

References: Akademia Ruchu. Miasto. Pole akcji. City. The Field of Action, ed. by M. Borkowska (Warsaw 2006).


Year: 1977
Duration: 6'46"
Language: no sound
Source: 16 mm

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