WWB TV. Post-communism of Urban Space

In this session we are continuing the research on the impact the processes and phenomena of transition have on contemporary architectural and design processes in post socialist countries.

The panelists will focus on the informal building strategies and uncontrolled processes of transformation of both the social and material tissue of the Western Balkans. The session analyzes various aspects of post socialist urban development in the region. The phenomenon of “balkanization” will be introduced by the Belgrade based architect Ivan Kucina. Special attention will be paid to the exhibitions and art projects which deal with the mechanisms, discrepancies and controversies related to global processes of urban development. One of the examples is the last Tirana International Contemporary Art Biannale T.I.C.A.B, which in an attempt to critically respond to the current wild development of Tirana. The architects group STEALTH.unlimited curated the architectural contribution to the T.I.C.A.B. During the session they will present their research on the current spatial developments and the activities of activist groups in a number of cities in Western Balkans.

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