What emotional reality do you want to live in? Episode 2
Performance by Wojciech Kosma

“What emotional reality do you want to live in?” was the question sparking the workshop and four-day performance by Wojciech Kosma prepared for the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw as part of the program At the Tip of the Tongue: Performance and the War of Words.

Kosma offered an event in a talk-show format aimed at creating an emotional reality - the one we need, or the one we desire. The device here was a spontaneous exploration of the opinions of the invited audience, who together with the group of performers (leaders) jointly created the performance. Divided into four parts (episodes), it developed over time, touching on current pressing social issues, such as identity, sexuality, religion and migrations.

The goal was to seek methods for expressing diverse and marginalized voices, and the method is to reach for abstract gestures and imagination as a source of new forms of political force. The action and the questions raised examined how we show feelings (or how they guide us), how intimacy and emotions function in the social space (Sara Ahmed) and how they overlap with or change into political and social judgments and opinions.

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