From “Solidarity” to the Maidan. The feminist perspective
Lecture by Ewa Majewska

In her lecture on “Solidarity” and the Maidan, dr Ewa Majewska will raise the issue of participation and agency of women and queers.

Ewa Majewska points to their resistance to the expunging, to how they transform from marginal figures into elements of the centre, how they question the patriarchal inequalities and how groups of the oppressed construct their own notions and practices of solidarity.

Ewa Majewska will be guided in her journey by bell hooks, author of the book entitled: “Feminist Theory. From Margin to Centre” and by socialist feminists, who are still carrying out research concerning the sexist grounds for capitalist, the strategies of resistance and the alternatives. In light of the recent occurrences in Ukraine, as well as in broader terms – in the context of semi-peripheral revolutions of the last 30 years – dr Ewa Majewska is going to ponder on the revolutions outside of the centre, as well as on sexual divisions and sex differences demonstrated thereby.

This perspective will be a good way to approach the problem of gender wars, which constitute an incidental yet unpleasant episode, and to wars concerning the chances and possibilities of a social change and renegotiations of the sex contract.

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