Failed state?
What the Smolensk catastrophe says about the polish union

Screening of Artur Żmijewski's film "Catastrophe" and debate. Partakers of the discussion: Wojciech Klata, actor and director, Paweł Lisicki Editor-in-Chief of the "Rzeczpospolita" journal, professor Magdalena Środa, ethicist at the Warsaw University, Artur Żmijewski, artist. Maciej dula "Political Critics", Marcel Andino Velez, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Artur Żmijewski's film presents the societies reactions to the Smolensk catstrophe: groups of praying Poles, paying tribute, protesting, spinning their own conspiracy theories about what truly happened, and laughing them off, mainly under the presidential palace in Warsaw. It is hard to say that these people are in solidarity with one another.