Place in-spite of itself
Georges Didi-Huberman

George Didi-Huberman lecture entitled "Place in-spite of itself" devoted to Mirosław Bałka's art.

During the time of the meeting, his work, "Apple-T" (2009/2010) was screened. Georges Didi-Huberman is a philosopher and art historian, a lecturer at the famous École des hautes études en sciences sociales w Paryżu (EHESS). One of the most known theorists in the world. his books were translated into many languages. Most known works are: „Devant l’image” ( 1990), „Fra Angelico. Dissemblance et figuration” (1990), „Ce que nous voyons, ce qui nous regarde” (1992), „Devant le temps” (2000), „L’image survivante” (2002), „L’image ouverte” (2007). Po polsku ukazały się dotąd dwie jego książki: „Obrazy mimo wszystko” (tłum. Mai Kubiak Ho-Chi, Universitas, 2008) oraz „Strategie obrazów. Oko historii 1” (trans. Janusz Margański, ha!art, 2011).

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