Cards on the table – cognitive benefits of the “attack on gender”
Lecture by Anna Zawadzka

It is difficult to understand the moral panic around the notion of gender without reaching to the output of Gender Studies: studies on history, production, reproduction, functions and consequences of the social constructs of sex and sexuality.

Zawadzka enumerates the following stakes: the specific definition of a family, the specific structure of masculinity and the status of a child as a correctly or wrongly managed ownership of the parents. The gamble for these stakes uses the notion of ideology worth looking closely on. The deliberations on deliberations on “genderism” constitute a chance to observe the fascinating and, at the same time, dangerous games of subversion and hostile interceptions between the aforementioned players in the public discourse. Finally, perhaps, owing to the attack on gender, we can foresee the next tinderbox of the Polish debate.

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