Monica Amor - Nonobjects and Quasi-objects: Notes on a Research Agenda at the Edge of Modernity
The Other Transatlantic. Theorizing Kinetic & Op Art in Central & Eastern Europe and Latin America

"The Other Transaltantic. Kinetic & Op Art in Central & Eastern Europe and Latin America" is a project in which we look at a brief, but historically significant moment in the post-war period (between 50s and 70s) when the trajectories of the Central and Eastern European art scenes on the one hand and their Latin American counterparts on the other converged in the shared enthusiasm for Kinetic and Op Art.

Lecture "Nonobjects and Quasi-objects: Notes on a Research Agenda at the Edge of Modernity" by Monica Amor. 

Monica Amor

is Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She is the author of 'Theories of the Nonobject: Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela 1944-1969' published by The University of California Press. She has written art criticism and essays for Art. Margins, Artforum, Art Journal, Art Nexus, Grey Room, October, Poliester, Third Text, and Trans. Her curatorial projects include: "Beyond the Document" for the Reina Sofia in Madrid (2000), "re-drawing the line" for Art in General in New York (2000), "Gego Defying Structures" for the Serralves Foundation in Porto (2006) and "Mexico: Expected/Unexpected" for Le Maison Rouge in Paris (2008).

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