Rachel Haywood Ferreira - The Resurgence of Science Fiction in Latin America in the Space Race/Atomic Age
The Other Transatlantic. Theorizing Kinetic & Op Art in Central & Eastern Europe and Latin America

"The Other Transaltantic. Kinetic & Op Art in Central & Eastern Europe and Latin America" is a project in which we look at a brief, but historically significant moment in the post-war period (between 50s and 70s) when the trajectories of the Central and Eastern European art scenes on the one hand and their Latin American counterparts on the other converged in the shared enthusiasm for Kinetic and Op Art.

Lecture "The Resurgence of Science Fiction in Latin America in the Space Race/Atomic Age" by Rachel Haywood Ferreira.

Rachel Haywood Ferreira

is Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese at Iowa State University. Her research focuses primarily on early and Golden Age Latin American and comparative science fiction. She is the author of "The Emergence of Latin American Science Fiction" (Wesleyan University Press, 2011); her current book project is provisionally titled "Latin American Science Fiction in the Space Age". She is a co-editor of the book series Studies in Global Science Fiction for Palgrave Macmillan and of the journal Extrapolation, an Associate Editor of Alambique: Revista Académica de Ciencia-Ficción y Fantasía / Jornal Académico de Ficção Científica e Fantasia, and serves on the editorial boards of the journals Science Fiction Studies, Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts, and Zanzalá - Revista Brasileira de Estudos de Ficção Científica; she is subeditor for Latin American and Iberian science fiction for The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

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