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Public Workshop "Techniques of Labor Struggles in the Field of Art"

"Art and Labor after the End of Work" - a collaborative project by BAK, basis voor actuele kunst in Utrecht; the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw; and the Free/Slow University of Warsaw (F/SUW) - is a FORMER WEST Public Editorial Meeting that takes as its starting point F/SUW’s case study of labor relations in the arts, The Art Factory (Bęc Zmiana Foundation, Warsaw, 2014).

Part II - public workshop "Techniques of Labor Struggles in the Field of Art"

This session involves the participants who participated in the activist workshop session held in the afternoon and takes the form of a public seminar to discuss the particular problems related to the conditions of labor in the field of art and the techniques of art-related activism. To first introduce their respective practices, participants gave an impulse (and by no means exhaustive) presentation of some of the projects they are involved in.

Please note: due to a technical glitch 10 secs are missing at 1:04:36, exactly where Vladan Jeremic presents cases of Suzana Milevska and Marika Schmiedt, see for more info at

Participants: Gigi Argyropoulou (writer and activist, Athens); Marsha Bradfield (artist and researcher, London); Claudia Bernardi (researcher, and activist, ESC atelier, Rome); Paolo Do (researcher, and activist, ESC atelier, Rome); Carl Martin Faurby (curator, writer, Danish Art Union (UKK), Copenhagen); Kasia Górna (artist, initiator, Citizens’ Forum of Contemporary Art / OFSW, Warsaw); Héctor Huerga (writer and activist from @15MBcn_int, Barcelona); Vladan Jeremić (artist, curator, and co-editor Art Leaks, Belgrade); pantxo ramas (activist and researcher, Barcelona); Igor Stokfiszewski (writer and activist, Krytyka Polityczna, Warsaw); Airi Triisberg (arts worker and activist, Tallinn/Leipzig).

Moderated by Joanna Figiel (researcher and activist, member of Free/Slow University of Warsaw, Warsaw/London).

More info about the conference on the event's website.

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