Andrzej Wróblewski - FROM WITHIN / FROM WITHOUT
Lecture by Anda Rottenberg

Anda Rottenberg: Pythagorean trap

Anda Rottenberg - art historian and critic, curator and author of numerous books and scientific papers on the subject of Polish art, including Sztuka w Polsce 1945–2005, Przeciąg. Teksty o sztuce polskiej lat 80. Between 1993–2001, Director of Zachęta the National Art Gallery. Active member of the Polish section of AICA, member of the Council of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Head of the national pavilion during the Biennale in Venice, Istanbul and Sao Paulo. Curator of important collective exhibitions, such as: “Obok. Polska- Niemcy. 1000 lat historii w sztuce” (Martin Gropius-Bau, Berlin 2011–2012), or “Gdzie jest twój brat Abel” (Zachęta the National Art Gallery 1996) dealing with the issue of Polish-German relations and the issue of Holocaust respectively. Anda Rottenberg has received many art prizes and honours, as well as national awards for her achievements.


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