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Jola Gola: „L'oeil du bouf”

One of the most adequate keys to the interpretation of Alina Szapocznikow’s work was offered by Urszula Czartoryska in her last text devoted to the artist “Transgression,” where she talks about breaking taboo, transgressing what is usually conveyed and shown in art.

Such a key to the artist’s work may be supplemented by looking at her life and discerning ways in which her position as an artist is integral with her psychological identity. If we take the tragic experiences of the artist as ultimately positive experience, as an added value, which allows her to preserve the joy of life and which motivates her to create and to leave a mark of her existence in the world, such energy seems to be one of the numerous taboos the artist breaks, more and more often. For how can one be happy, active and energetic after such trauma? Such an interpretation, consistently performed, allows one to reinterpret the successive stages in the artist’s development and her work as a whole. It allows us to touch upon her work’s energy, which is its defining feature.

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