The State We Are In. Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw
photographic documentation of the exhibition

The collection of Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, initiated in 2009, gathers art works of contemporary artists, primarily those executed after 1989. Its goal is to describe the history of Polish transformation in a wider, global perspective by works of art.

The collection has a discursive character and is treated as a voice in the debate and research on modernity. Starting from local affairs, it is an accumulation of works by international artists, often created on a commission and referring to local issues. At the same time, this “collection of things” is constructed in relation to the changes that have taken place in the status and materiality of art piece, the relationship between the institution and the public, and the very function of the museum (not just the storage house for art works, but also a place for collective learning, information distribution and interdisciplinary experiment).

Photo documentation:

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