City Design Festival

The second edition of WARSAW UNDER CONSTRUCTION was dedicated to the analysis of Warsaw as a specific urban-social case

We looked at the city’s architecture, trouble spots, rank-and-file initiatives to shape public space, the possible future and evolution of the capital. Over seventy events took place. The turnout at our lectures, seminars, trips, screenings and workshops amounts to about 20,000.

At the inauguration event in the Starzyński Room in Palace of Culture and Science and turned up nearly two thousand people. The heart of the festival was Tobias Putrih's cardboard sculpture, which played a role of a conference room, movie theater, meeting room (it is right here that the popular sessions of the Department of Proposal took place). The Museum's building served solely as an education and information center, while the exhibitions were scattered around the city: Warszawa Powiśle, the SARP pavilion, a villa at Frascati Street, the Museum of Technology, the former Furniture Store Emilia, city space). Our exhibitions are dedicated to the legends of Warsaw architecture and design: Stanisław Zamecznik, Arseniusz Romanowicz, Karol Schayer) as well as the long forgotten chapters of Polish history of the architectural thought during the time of communism. We have been searching for roots of modernity, for the vision of the city of the future, and finally for recipes for a more functional and diverse city.

The WARSAW UNDER CONSTRUCTION festival has become vigorous and received critical acclaim. Moreover, it has built large following: its audience is getting more and more diverse. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that a large number of events was proposed by non-governmental organizations, activists, and last but not least – Warsaw enthusiasts. We can observe that Warsaw residents are becoming conscious “users” of the city.